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Yewbarrow Flower Farm
February 2020

Client Requirement 

Yewbarrow Flower Farm was a relatively new business looking for some help and guidance with their marketing.  They felt their current branding didn’t do them justice and reflect what they were all about and they also weren’t sure how to really push the business ‘out there’

We started by really getting to know the client and what makes them tick.  We helped them decide on their brand identity as Yewbarrow Flower Farm and my client as The Flower Farmer.  We then worked with Jili Allen Creative to develop a new brand for them, which was sympathetic to their old branding, but really portrayed what the business was all about – sustainably grown, beautiful British flowers, grown locally on the flower farm.  We created a stunning brand for Yewbarrow Flower Farm, which they have been able to use on their social media channels, stickers, greetings cards and the website.

Once our Flower Farmer had a taste for what she could achieve through this effective piece of marketing she wanted to know more, so the relationship has grown (like a flower) and we’ve helped write all the content for their website, developed some promotional material for them, written a social media strategy and template and helped them get to grip with the graphics tool Canva.  We now work with them on a monthly basis to help support and guide their marketing.

Thank you – your fab and have changed my little flower farm.  I love my colours – I get so many positive comments – and so many different options to use.

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