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Walby Farm Park
May 2022

Client Requirement 

Following the pandemic, Walby Farm Park needed marketing assistance. The closure had impacted visitor numbers, and they aimed to boost ticket sales and encourage visitors to return. Handling all the marketing themselves became overwhelming for the management team. They sought support to manage the popular attraction alongside marketing efforts. We stepped in, crafting strategies,  targeted campaigns, and providing ongoing support. Our goal: revitalize Walby Farm Park as a sought-after destination. Together, we aimed to drive ticket sales, reignite visitor interest, and alleviate the management team’s burden. Our partnership aimed to enhance visibility, attract new audiences, and leave a lasting impact.

We joined forces with Walby Farm Park during their busiest period, right before the May Half Term and Summer Holidays, requiring us to hit the ground running with promotional efforts. Conducting in-depth strategy work, we gained a thorough understanding of the business and identified the target customer base. Swift action was essential, leading us to develop an improved e-newsletter system, enhance social media presence, and refine advertising strategies. Our collaborative initiatives and enticing offers resulted in significant visitor growth.

Since our partnership began, we have achieved some fantasitc milestones. The e-newsletter mailing list expanded by an impressive 51%, while the Facebook audience grew by 4% with a 38% increase in reach. On Instagram, the audience increased by 19% with a remarkable 120% boost in reach. Website traffic witnessed a 7% increase from 2021. Our Facebook Ad campaigns, empowered by pixel tracking, garnered over 3,000 website visits and facilitated more than 1,000 online ticket bookings since May 2022.

In 2023, we are helping with Walby Farm Park’s 15th-anniversary celebrations, orchestrating PR activities, coordinating events, and overseeing a brand refresh in collaboration with Jili Allen Creative.

Our partnership with Walby Farm Park has not only achieved comprehensive marketing improvements but has also propelled ticket sales beyond previous years. As their trusted Outsourced Marketing Manager, we have shouldered the marketing responsibilities, collaborating effectively and strategically with the management team to achieve outstanding results.

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