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The Ullswater Association
October 2015 – April 2016

Client Requirement 

The Ullswater Association had an old website that was dated, hard to navigate and that generally needed updating.  The website is one of the main tourist websites for Ullswater, so is very important to attracting tourists and bringing money into the local economy.  They needed help to redevelop their and this is where Acorn Marketing stepped in to assist.

Acorn Marketing helped The Ullswater Association work through the process of developing a new website, from writing a brief to outline the key features and new navigation, developing a new brand and writing the content for the site.  We wrote all the content on the site.  It needed to have a personal feel and really sell the area.  We wanted to make it conversational and as if visitors to the site were being let into a special secret.

We also had to incorporate the new Ullswater Way project into the site.  We also helped the Ullswater Association with a social media strategy to help them take their digital marketing to the next stage.

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