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November 2022

Client Requirement 

I was approached by Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Penrith, following an introduction from the Changing Lives Learning Trust, to assist them with their external communications. The school had recently welcomed a new Headteacher who sought to effectively communicate important messages about the institution. These messages encompassed various aspects, including a revamped Admissions process, the school’s integration into a new academy, and their recent Ofsted report findings. The Headteacher specifically required someone with extensive press contacts to help disseminate these messages to a broader audience, ensuring widespread visibility and awareness.

We are thrilled to have embarked on our journey with QEGS, and our collaboration has already yielded promising results. In our initial stages, we crafted and distributed three compelling press releases to local media outlets, generating valuable coverage for the school.

Furthermore, we lent our expertise to the development of targeted Facebook advertising campaigns focused on attracting talented individuals for various teaching positions. The impact was exceptional, as our most successful advert reached an astounding audience of over 94,000 people. The engagement was equally impressive, with 301 clicks through the advertisement and 84 individuals clicking to apply. Remarkably, these outstanding outcomes were achieved with a budget of less than £100, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategic approach.

Looking ahead, we are excited to deepen our collaboration with QEGS, encompassing strategic marketing initiatives, web development, social media management, and comprehensive communications strategies. Together, we aim to unlock the full potential of their brand and achieve even greater success in the future.  I am particularly excited about this collaboration being a former QEGS pupil myself.

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