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Penrith Town Council
December 2021

Client Requirement 

Penrith Town Council wanted to bring all organisations promoting Penrith together to develop a strategic marketing plan for the town.  It is such a lovely little town and there are a lot of voices fighting to be heard.  The idea is that by bringing everyone together, to follow one strategic marketing plan they can achieve their aims more effectively and strategically.

Initially we brought several of these groups together to discuss what they wanted for the future of Penrith.  We looked at where they were now, where they wanted to be and the steps we needed to take to get there.  I undertook a lot of research on domestic UK tourism, the current marketing of the town and developed ways in which this could be brought together.  I created a marketing strategy that outlines what the town needs to do over the next 3-5 years to attract more visitors to the town and how to give it a unique edge.

The next stage of the strategy is to undertake a brand positioning exercise, so everyone is onboard as to how they describe the town and the words and messages used to market Penrith.  A branding tool kit is then going to be created so all external marketing for the town is consistent and all partners are able to use this in their own marketing.

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