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Penrith Chamber of Trade
May 2011 – June 2016

Client Requirement 

Penrith Chamber of Trade had seen membership numbers falling, attendees at meetings and events decreasing and energy for the organisation at a low point. The aim was to inject a breath of fresh air into the organisation, increase membership numbers, improve marketing, raise awareness and get people motivated to be involved again.

Initially, Acorn Marketing re-developed the brand, created new promotional material and website which acts as the main portal of information for businesses in Penrith. Gradually over the years, we improved communication with members through online activity and social media, e-newsletters, blogs and through public relations. People began to talk about what the Chamber could do again. We developed new events to encourage people to network with one another and get involved in issues important to the town. Membership numbers increased as a result of this and attendance numbers at events increased dramatically; with the annual dinner selling out.

We also developed the Penrith Stars of Business Awards and the annual Penrith Winter Festival.

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