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Oaklea Trust
May 2022 – July 2022

Client Requirement 

The Oaklea Trust, a charity based in Kendal, sought my expertise as their trusted “critical friend” to conduct a comprehensive audit of their marketing activities. Their objective was to ensure that every aspect of their marketing efforts was optimized to its fullest potential.

With a meticulous approach, I meticulously reviewed and analysed all facets of their marketing strategy, campaigns, and initiatives. This encompassed evaluating their messaging, channels, target audience engagement, and overall effectiveness. Through this thorough assessment, I identified areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

By serving as their “critical friend,” I provided valuable insights and recommendations to enhance their marketing endeavours. This collaborative partnership allowed the Oaklea Trust to leverage my expertise and industry knowledge to refine their approach, ensuring they were utilising the best practices and strategies available.

Through the audit process, the Oaklea Trust gained a comprehensive understanding of their marketing performance and identified areas where adjustments could be made to achieve even greater success.

Ultimately, the Oaklea Trust’s decision to engage my services as their “critical friend” allowed them to align their marketing efforts with their organisational goals, maximize their impact, and effectively connect with their target audience.

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