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North Lakes Sofas
February 2020

Client Requirement 

North Lakes Sofas are an online retailer of sofas based in Cumbria.  They were a relatively new company and had been doing their own social media, website and Facebook advertising.  However, they needed help with Facebook advertising.  They knew the basics but wanted someone with a greater understanding to run the campaign for them.

We have set up and run several successful Facebook advertising campaigns for North Lakes Sofas.  These have all featured different sofas, themes and deals.  The campaign started by directing traffic to specific pages on the North Lakes Sofas website.  They saw significant growth in the number of people visiting the website and making purchases, from all over the country.

Most recently we have run a conversion campaign for North lakes Sofas, targeting people who are similar to their existing Facebook followers.  When they visit the website, we then set up a second remarketing campaign to target them even further.  This has resulted in an increase in sales and a happy customer.

Next, we are going to be looking at an email marketing campaign to further engage with his customer.

I’m a happy lad, thank you!

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