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Metcalfe Ltd
March 2021

Client Requirement 

Metcalfe Plant Hire, a prominent business in Penrith, has experienced significant growth throughout the years. As the company expanded its operations and ventured into new domains like civil engineering, it became apparent that their marketing efforts required a more professional touch. Despite team members taking on marketing responsibilities, the absence of a dedicated marketing specialist prompted the need for a fresh perspective.

With the company’s continued growth in mind, Metcalfe sought professional expertise to ensure their marketing aligns with their evolving business landscape. The goal was to adopt a more strategic and comprehensive approach to marketing, allowing them to effectively showcase their services and drive further success in their expanding ventures.

As the trusted Outsourced Marketing Manager for Metcalfe’s, we collaborate closely with the directors to assess and strategise various aspects of the business’s marketing needs. Our partnership has encompassed several key areas of focus, including refining the training department’s offerings and enhancing their marketing efforts. We have also played a crucial role in creating more professional-looking tenders to elevate the company’s image.

In addition, we have been instrumental in developing a refreshed brand identity for Metcalfe’s, ensuring cohesive and impactful social media posts, and crafting effective promotional materials. This ongoing relationship is dedicated to nurturing and expanding Metcalfe’s marketing initiatives to achieve future business goals. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we are committed to driving sustained growth and success for Metcalfe.

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