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Hunter Hall School
May 2015 – April 2020

Client Requirement 

Hunter Hall School in Penrith hadn?t really had a clear marketing strategy in the past and needed some direction.? Acorn Marketing was chosen to help detangle their marketing and give them a clear way forward.? They wanted to use a local company, someone who had extensive skills and knowledge of marketing and someone who could use their expertise to guide them.

Initially we helped them develop a marketing strategy and plan, which helped them really focus on their customer and what they wanted to achieve going forward. ?It helped pick out the key aims and gave us a clear pathway for their marketing.

Since, we?ve been pivotal in helping them re-brand and launch a new website in 2018/19.? We?ve developed their social media, online advertising, created viral videos for them, parent testimonials, worked on their annual review, organised events, created posters, banners, promotional items ? you name it we?ve done it.

We have helped Hunter Hall become more focused in their marketing with an annual strategy and action plan which we help them implement.? We?ve helped raise the awareness of the school; generated more enquiries and increased numbers.

Our school has worked with Lisa for four years now and we are happy that she addresses our needs and works alongside us regarding what we are trying to achieve. Lisa is open to new ideas, willing to take on board suggestions, as well as offer well informed advice on marketing our product. She is flexible in her working arrangements and extremely easy to work alongside. She is totally professional, organised, reliable and a great addition to our team. I very much enjoy working with her and respect her professional opinion on marketing matters.v

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