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Cumbria LEP
January 2020 – April 2022

Client Requirement 

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is one of 38 LEPs in England.  They provide a strategic lead on all activities contributing to the county’s economic growth.   LEPs are business-led partnerships between local authorities and the private sector, whose role is to determine local economic priorities and undertake activities to drive economic growth and the creation of jobs.

Cumbria LEP approached me to help then with a new marketing campaign

Cumbria LEP had planned a marketing campaign ‘Cumbria Futures’ which promoted Cumbria as a fantastic place to live work and invest.  It had a two-pronged approach.  One was to encourage young people from Cumbria to stay in the county to seek employment opportunities and the second was to encourage people from outside of the county to relocate here.

This was a huge campaign to be involved in and involved a variety of marketing tactics.  The area we helped the Cumbria LEP out was in social media and Facebook advertising.

We created two separate social media campaigns with messaging that targeted either young people, or professionals outside the county who may want to move here. We shared case studies of people in apprenticeships, the amazing opportunities for young people in Cumbria and the reasons why they should stay.  Then we also shared the positive messages about why living in Cumbria is so good – how you can work for world-leading organisations, the lifestyle, the great outdoors, congestion-free roads and less pollution.

Alongside this, we ran a Facebook advertising campaign for Cumbria LEP which completed the social media.  The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness and also to drive traffic to the LEP website.

The Cumbria LEP Futures campaign was successful with visits to the website increasing and to the particular pages we were promoting.  The Facebook adverts reached thousands of people – one advert alone reached over 136,000 people, with excellent engagement rates and conversions.

Unfortunately, the campaign had to come to an end due to the COVID19 pandemic and the new focus of the LEP during the crisis.

“I just wanted to formally say thank you very much for the help and support you’ve given to Cumbria LEP over recent months.  Lucy and I, along with the rest of the team, have been very grateful for the extremely professional and co-operative way in which you’ve assisted with recent LEP activity, particularly the Futures campaigns.  That assistance enabled us to reach a wider audience than would have been otherwise possible in terms of key messages relating to LEP activity.  As this particular contract draws to a close, both Lucy and I look forward to a point in the future when we may be able to work together again.” – John Reynolds Head of Communications

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