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Crofton Plants
March 2020 – June 2020

Client Requirement 

When the COVID19 pandemic hit in March 2020, Crofton Plants got in touch with me for some marketing help.  They supplied hotels and restaurants with plants and flowers, but as they had all closed they would potentially lose all their business in a flash.  They wanted to reach out to new domestic customers who may need plants for their garden during lockdown.


Crofton Plants only had 6 followers on Facebook in March 2020.  They wanted us to write one post on social media.  We knew this would not get their message ‘out there’ so we suggested several different solutions

1 – We started to build their Facebook followers, with a Facebook advertising growth campaign.  They went from 6 followers to 1344 in 3 months from £100 spend.

2 – We also started posting regularly on their Facebook page with updates, information about the plants and how people could buy them.  The engagement was rapid and most posts were seen by over 500 people, with many likes, shares and comments.  They had over 150 messages in 5 days.

3 – We also did a Facebook advert to let people know they were able to deliver plants during the pandemic direct to people’s home.  Then advert reached over 40,000 people and in just a few weeks they had 500 orders, all with a min. spend of £30 (you do the maths!)

We could not believe the success of this campaign…we certainly had one happy client who still had a business!

Thanks for your help with Facebook over the last few weeks it’s been quite an experience!

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