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October 2020

Client Requirement 

Cumbria Operations and Maintenance Services (COMS) are Nuclear Systems Engineers, working within regulated industries across the UK, but mainly in Cumbria.  The company has grown significantly over the years, but like many had never done any marketing to promote their business or shout about all the incredible things they do.  They needed someone to help them make the most of opportunities and develop their marketing.

One of the things that struck us when we started working with COMS was that they didn’t know how to describe themselves.  This was a tricky task for me to be able to effectively market their business and articulate what they do.  We decided to undertake a brand repositioning workshop.  By undertaking this piece of work, they were able to communicate their message more effectively and ensure that everyone within their organisation understands who they are and what they do.  We also worked on developing a promotional video that explains what they do, as well as new photos and imagery that they can use in marketing.

In addition, we have run advertising campaigns, written blogs and updated their website, developed their social media; particularly on LinkedIn and run press stories for coverage locally.

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