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Clifton Primary School
October 2020 – November 2021

Client Requirement 

Clifton Primary School, situated in picturesque Cumbria, sought my expertise to embark on a transformative branding journey. Recognizing the need for a fresh and modern identity, the school approached me with the task of revitalizing their outdated logo, which had faithfully served them for several decades. The aim was clear: to realign their brand with the vibrant spirit and evolving vision of the school. Through a comprehensive rebranding process, we aimed to create a cohesive visual identity that would not only enhance their website and promotional materials but also accurately reflect the essence and values of Clifton Primary School in a compelling and captivating manner.

Collaborating closely with the Headteacher, we embarked on a journey to capture the very essence of Clifton Primary School through their revitalised branding.  Inspired by their beloved school mascot, “Cliff the Hedgehog,” we embarked on a creative endeavour to seamlessly incorporate this character into the branding. To highlight the school’s emphasis on reading, we intertwined the hedgehog with a book, utilising the hedgehog spines as the pages, symbolising knowledge and learning. Engaging the imaginative minds of the children, we welcomed their invaluable input, resulting in a kaleidoscope of ideas, including the vibrant hues of a rainbow, reflecting the school’s positive attitude and lively spirit. The new logo now graces every facet of the school’s marketing materials, uniforms, and beyond.

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