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Kind Cumbria
Oct 2017

Client Requirement 

ACTion for Communities in Cumbria spearheaded a project with the Cumbria Neighbourliness Network. Third sector organisations from across Cumbria have come together to think about how they can make a small change and raise awareness about neighbourliness in the county to make small steps in overcoming social isolation and loneliness.

They approached Acorn Marketing to help run a social media campaign to promote all the great neighbourly things going on in Cumbria and to encourage or inspire others to do the same.

Kind Cumbria marketing logo

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Working closely with the Cumbria Neighbourliness Network, we developed a social media campaign called #KindCumbria (Cumbria Neighbourliness Network is, after all, a bit of a mouthful!)  The campaign which runs across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has a different theme each month and tackles the issues of social isolation through neighbourliness and kindness.  We share information about what local groups and organisations are doing in their communities and encourage people to engage and share what they are doing too using #KindCumbria hashtag.

Theme have included Mental Health, Food, Young People, making connections etc.  We even had a #KindCumbriaDay on the 13th November, which linked in with World Kindness Day and was fantastic – reaching over 98,000 people on Facebook alone on one day!

The campaign has driven some great engagement and we’ve seen people sharing what we’re doing and sharing their own stories as well. If the campaign can encourage others to be kind and think about their neighbours and helps people make new connections it’s been a success – watch this space.

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