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What’s New in Social Media Trends?
January 21, 2020

Social media – it can be an ever changing platform that you worry you can’t keep up with, or it can be the perfect tool with which to speak to your customers and gain followers by educating them on what it is you do and offer. We’re here to help companies achieve results on their social media channels, so we understand whether Facebook is better for you than TikTok and if you need to be on Snapchat right now.  

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The majority of our clients do have a Facebook presence, a popular way to speak to and with your target audience, who want to know more about the products and services offered. An interesting fact is that over 80% of videos on Facebook are now watched without the sound on. People could be scrolling their social media feeds whilst on public transport, at work (!), whilst relaxing in front of the TV in the evenings – anywhere. So, it is becoming more essential to utilise subtitles to ensure your message is still being received. This also ensures you do not exclude anyone with a hearing difficulty. Subtitles are also gaining popularity on Instagram, YouTube and sometimes on Pinterest too.  


Video content on social media is now a more relaxed way of interacting with your target audience. It’s an immediate communication and is often the first content that users scroll through when checking their accounts, before standard posts. This is where your customer is and where they want to see more and learn more about you and your brand. In this demanding age, the videos on Snapchat and Instagram disappear after 24 hours so viewers know to check-in at least once a day to ensure they don’t miss any content. LinkedIn has now added video to its arsenal of communication weaponry. 

Video is the ideal format to broadcast an event you’re hosting or attending on social media, showing an example of what services you offer or demonstrating a new product. These videos feel inclusive to those watching, giving them a deeper understanding of your brand, company and values. It could be where social media followers meet your members of staff, see what they do and through this feel more connected to you.  

A growing trend is for social media platforms such as Facebook to be used for customer service functions, with over half of people nowadays opting to message rather than call to resolve a complaint or query.  

Facebook Groups can be a useful way for brands and businesses to interact with existing, loyal customers on social media and ensuring they get the latest news, offers and deals first.  


The rise of TikTok as the latest social media channel has exceeded expectation globally. Depending on the location of your customers, this may be a platform to watch closely as this time last year, 43% of Tiktok’s users were from India. If India is on your radar for consumers, a TikTok account and possible advertising strategy needs to be on your immediate agenda.  

There will be another new trend in social media around the corner but don’t forget, the reason your company is using social media is to grow connections and relationships with your target audience and customers, so they invest in your brand.  

We can help with advice, strategy, planning and management of your social media channels, to ensure your business is best represented and communicating in the best way to your existing and future consumers. Feel free to contact us to find out more.  

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