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How To Get Engagement For A Mundane Business
June 29, 2021

I don’t like to use the word “boring” but let’s face it, some businesses are a bit sexier than others.  Weddings, food, cleaning are the Ferrari of social media – always lots of content to post, it gets loads of social engagement and it’s easier to build up a following. If you work in a B2B industry it can be a lot harder and it’s really difficult to know how to “sell” yourself online.

social engagement

Here are a few of my top tips to show you how you can create social engagement that helps you overcome this barrier.

1 – Think about what your ICA wants to know

We all have an ideal customer. The person we want to pick up the phone and make an enquiry or drop us an email to book an appointment. All too often on social media people fall into the trap of just writing sales posts, or posts about things they want to talk about. However, you need to think differently. You need to think about what your ideal customer wants to know about. What is going to interest them and stop them scrolling?

2 – Give value

Leading on from this, you need to think about giving your followers value. What do I mean by this? Again, give them information about what they may want to know. Could you give them tips, information, or a freebie? What is going to resonate with them and make them go “Oh yeah”. Think about adding value to their lives and helping them.

3 – Show you’re an expert

You want to position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your industry and area. Show your followers that you know your stuff. You don’t need to baffle them and tell them loads of jargon, but break things down, make it easy for them to understand and digest. Show them why you are the authority in your area.

4 – Share your personality

You also want your followers to know, like and trust you and you can do this by showing your personality. Show them you’re the expert, give them value, tell them want they want to know and inject a bit of personality. Yes, it’s great to working weddings etc, but you have to be really innovative to stand out from the crowd and be heard above all the noise. See your “boring” business as a chance to stand out and shine. Be different, be quirky and do something different to everyone else to generate social engagement. That is what will really get you seen!

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