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Is marketing my business appropriate at the moment?
September 13, 2022

Last week the holidays were over, kids were back at school, and I was raring to go with all things business, but two days in and we had the sad news that Queen Elizabeth II had sadly passed away.

It’s really tricky knowing if marketing my business is appropriate when unprecedented or unusual things like this happen.  My instinct was to jump online right away and pause any social media posts that were scheduled for all clients. When the world was mourning it would have been highly inappropriate for a jolly or salesy post to go out unknowingly. As a result, we halted all marketing and social media activity for all clients as a mark of respect. published some guidance on how to manage social media and websites (see below) and also any events or sponsorship following the death of HM. It was great to see that they have accounted for things like this in a digital age as this is the first time we have lost a monarch since the inception of the internet.

Whatever business you run, it is important to gauge the national mood and the needs of your customers and colleagues. Through any difficult times keeping your customer/followers at the forefront of your mind is really important and how they may be feeling and that your posts and marketing campaigns are respectful and appropriate for the mood.

There is no rule to say you have to stop posting on social media or promoting your business, it comes down to personal choice; particularly if you are a small business in these tough times we need to keep on working through it. However, professional marketers have a duty to avoid any inappropriate promotional marketing activity that will gain commercial benefits around the death of the Queen.

So with any marketing, always ask yourself if it is appropriate, what are the feelings of your audience and how you feel about the situation.

Here is some guidance specifically on social media and websites below and


Online communication channels can also be used to reflect the demise of Her Majesty and participate in the period of National Mourning. Organisations can acknowledge the mourning period by making changes to the homepage of their website, for example, with the use of black edging or black banners.

Organisations and individuals may also wish to share their memories of Her Majesty online. There is no set way to mark the passing of Her Majesty on social media. Organisations may wish to review their planned content for the period.

Any changes to websites or social media pages should take into consideration accessibility requirements for visually impaired users.

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