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Busting Marketing Myths
February 4, 2020

Marketing is full of preconceptions. Some may be true but there are lots of myths created from assumptions made due to a lack of understanding into what marketing actually is. Let us help you by busting marketing myths in order to aid your business.

Myth busting marketing

Myth: Social media platforms – the more, the merrier 

Having a vague strategy where you have signed up for every social media account available will not guarantee success. One of the common marketing myths. An understanding of your customer and target audience means you will know which social media platforms they use. If your customers are not the right demographic for Snapchat, you will be wasting time, effort and money on generating content and posting on there. An understanding of where your customers interact on social media is crucial.  

Myth: Post often on social media to generate custom 

Simply because you post three times a day every day, does not mean this will generate sales. The content you use needs to be engaging, targeted and scheduled correctly. Marketers can analyse when your audience is online and interacting on social media platforms in order to plan a posting schedule to gain the most views and reactions.  

Myth: Marketing is the same as advertising 

This is a common misconception, however, marketing is an amalgam of various strategies to promote a business or service to the right audience in the right manner. By generating and nurturing a stronger relationship with consumers businesses can grow and profit. Marketing encompasses social media, Public Relations, creative design, blog writing, website design and brand identity. We can also work on advertising creativity and placement in addition to all the above.  

Myth: Quality products will sell themselves 

A previously strong marketing myth was that a fantastic product would sell itself and therefore have no need for additional promotion or marketing. This is false as, although word of mouth is a great selling tool, a presence online, which can reach worldwide is a much stronger way to promote a business and generate additional awareness and sales.  

Myth: A website is all you need 

Your business may have a website, but this isn’t the only tool to market your product or business to the world. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also key in ensuring your site is found easily by people looking for your products or services. You must ensure that words used in your website will be found by search engines, like Google, and will deliver your website in searches for your product, business or service.  

We can help you and your business with marketing techniques, strategies and management and bust any marketing myths that concern you. There may be one or many aspects mentioned above that you’d like to enquire about us assisting you with. Feel free to send us an email, a Facebook message or please give us a call. We’ll happily discuss your needs and explain how we can help. 

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