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How to Increase Social Media Reach
March 3, 2021

Are you struggling to get a good reach to your social media posts? Do feel like you’ve been pulling your hair out and are not quite sure what to do to increase the reach? I’m going to run through my top tips to help you increase reach of your social media posts.

Social Media Reach

1 – Create engaging content

The key to getting more engagement on your social media posts is to create good content. If you hear crickets, or tumbleweed when you post something, then there is something wrong! Take a look at the types of things you are posting about. Are they all salesy? If so, then you need to stop and re-think.  Think about what your followers would be interested in, give them value, give tips, ask questions, share something about you. Be human. People will just scroll past overly salesy posts, so stop doing it.

2 – Tag people

Another great way to increase reach on social media posts is to tag other businesses in your posts.  Now, I don’t mean this in an annoying way where you randomly tag loads of businesses in your post, but if you mention another business, or give a shout out to someone, collaborate with another business or recommend them, then tag away. Generally, they will share the post and so it will be seen by their followers too – and therefore increase the reach.

3 – Share posts

Sharing posts is another sure-fire way to increase reach. However, I don’t mean sharing other people’s posts. I mean sharing your own. On Facebook you would do this by sharing a posts that are performing well into groups where your ideal client hangs out. This is an excellent way to get your posts seen by more people. Just a word of warning though, check the group rules and don’t be spammy – don’t do it more than once or twice a week. On Instagram you can share your grid posts to your story. Stories perform really well, so if you share a new post to your story it’ll be seen by more people.

4 – Use photos and video

There is no doubt that the posts that perform best are photos and videos. Gone are the days when you can just share a post that is just text. OK, so they may work depending on the platform (Twitter and Linkedin), but for B2B clients using Facebook and Instagram, you really need to be using photos and video. With Instagram you won’t be able to post without a photo or video, but think about how you could use photos and videos. You can get really creative with them now – such as using stories, reels, IGTV, YouTube etc. Video really is a powerful tool for increasing reach and the social media algorithms will favour photos and videos, so the more of those you post, the more people will see them and then your posts will get more reach.

5 – Be social

The ultimate way to get more reach on your social media posts is to be social. Comment, like and share on other people’s posts. Create relationships, make friends online, create a community or tribe, support people and give value. By doing this interaction, they will do the same with you – more people will see your posts and you’ll get a greater reach.

So, there you have a few sure-fire ways to get more reach on your social media posts. All of the tips I share here are activities that I manage for my clients and my business on a daily basis as a marketing consultant.

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