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How To Manage Social Media More Effectively
May 18, 2021

One of the big stumbling blocks that people face when working on any social media campaign, is how to manage it more effectively.

I’m not going to lie; social media can be a real time sap if you let it. Anyone else spend endless hours scrolling…or trying to think up stuff to post? Social media can become a real big pain and you can start feeling really overwhelmed by it.

Managing Social Media Effectively

There is an easier way and my Top Tips this week are going to show you how you can manage social media more effectively.

  1. Take away the overwhelm

There is this idea that you need to be on every social media channel going. Someone else in business will tell you how LinkedIn has done wonders for their business. Your teenager tells you that you must be seen on TikTok. You keep hearing about Reels on Instagram and think you should make an account, so you’re not missing a trick.

By doing this though, you are only adding to your workload. Each channel is very different and offers different things to different groups of people. If you try and learn each one and post engaging content on every platform you are soon going to feel very overwhelmed. You’ll need to check them, keep on top of notifications, follow people and be social.

Believe me when I say, you really don’t need to do this. Take away that overwhelm by focusing on what you can realistically achieve with social media. Find one platform, focus on it, and make it really good.

  1. Time block

Another great way to manage your social media more effectively is to ‘time block’. By this I mean carving out some dedicated time for social media (and your marketing in general). Put some time aside in your diary for scrolling – this could be whilst you’re having breakfast, or the first 30 minutes of your day, before you get stuck into real work. Avoid picking up the phone to check your social media channels every 10 minutes. Don’t keep your social media pages open on your computer. Try and switch off from social media and dedicate time for scrolling, writing comments and sharing. By doing this you can manage that feeling of always having to be on social media and blocking time where social media is your focus to that point during the day.

  1. Plan in advance

You’ve probably got sick of me telling you about planning, but this really is crucial if you want to manage your social media more effectively. When you time block for checking social media, you also need to dedicate some time to write content and planning what you’re going to share. You may prefer to do this for a week, a month, 6 months in advance, but by planning your content out in advance will ensure that you stay on top of your social media, that you are more strategic in what you post.

So, focusing on only one or two social media channels, blocking time out for being on social media (so you don’t get carried away scrolling) and planning content in advance are three of my Top Tips to ensure you manage your social media for your business more effectively.

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