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How to Get More Engagement on Social Media?
September 21, 2021

One of the questions I get asked time and time again is how do you get more engagement on your social media?

Do you feel like you churn out lots of content and you hear crickets? You wait for some comments, likes, anything, but still nothing. It’s pretty rubbish when that happens; especially if you thought it was a great piece of content.

More social engagement

Engagement (where people like, comment or share) is probably one of our biggest aims on social media – well, it should be anyway. If you are on social media to “sell” then you have to re-think what you are doing. It’s a place where you should be building up relationships with people for when they are ready to buy in the future. It is a great marketing tool for building up brand awareness and telling people about what you do, so here are my top tips to get people to start engaging with us.

1 – Personality

The biggest bit of advice that I can give you is that people buy people. We’re all a bit nosey at heart, we’re inquisitive and want to ask questions. We love to know about the people behind the business, why they started, what makes them tick. So, you need to let people in. Show your personality and who’s behind the account. Tell them your story, how did you end up doing what you do and what is your ‘why.’ Think about the things that will resonate with other people, that makes them stop scrolling and makes them relate to you. You’ll find with these types of posts, more people will comment and interact with you, share their story or comment on your post. Remember to engage with them, comment back and start a conversation. If they can see there is a story behind the person and the business, they will buy into you and hopefully one day when they are ready, buy from you.

2 – Questions

Another great way to get more engagement with your posts is to ask a question and start a discussion. Think about the posts you’ve written in the past, could you have added a question to the end of the post and invited people to join the conversation? Quite often posts are statement i.e ‘this is what we do’ but don’t invite the user to engage. If you add a question on to the post you are saying, I want to know what you think, let me know. Think about how you could start a discussion too – are there some topics that are relevant to what you do that you could start a discussion on?  Something in the news, something in life, something that’s happened to you, and you need help or advice. These posts are a great way to ask people to join in. However, if they reply, remember to write back to them. You are asking a question, so reply when they answer and don’t leave them hanging.

3 – Give value

The other great way to get people to engage with posts is to give them value. Show them you are the expert at what you do. How can you help them? Can you give them something that will help them, or some advice that will solve a problem they have? By giving value gives them a reason to follow you. If you just sell to them on social media all the time, they won’t read the posts as much, but if you give them something valuable as well, they have a reason to follow you, interact with your post or become an advocate for what you do.

So, when trying to get more engagement on social media, think about what they want to hear. What are the kinds of things that are going to get them to click on your post, like or comment? Think about the types of posts you engage with. Do you engage with sales posts or the ones that are more attention grabbing and interesting?

Try a few of these tips and let me know how they work for you?

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