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How to be Consistent on Social Media
March 10, 2021

This is a question that I’m often asked, when people feel a bit stuck with their social media marketing.  You’ve shared a few posts here and there, but perhaps you have no strategy or plan, and your social media marketing feels a bit ‘all over the place’.

Consistent Social Media Tips

If this is you, then follow my top tips here to achieve consistency in your social media marketing…

1 – Show up

The most consistent thing you can do when it comes to your social media marketing is to show up. This doesn’t automatically mean showing up every day but engaging consistently when your audience knows you’re online. If you post a ‘live’ video every week, do it at the same time. If you share a blog or an email, again do it at the same time for consistency.

If you can show up every day, fantastic – you will really notice a difference in the performance of your social media. If you’re flying, post 3-4 times a day, but if that scares the living daylights out of you, then a few regular times each week will help ensure you stay consistent. A great social media strategy and plan will help with this (check out my course here to help you).

2 – Use your branding

Another great tip to ensure that your social media and marketing is consistent is to use your branding. There is nothing worse than seeing someone’s marketing materials or social posts and they have different fonts and colours. Quite frankly it looks a bit of a mess. Ensure brand consistency by sticking to one or two fonts that you use. Pick the colour palette of your business branding that you use consistently throughout your marketing. This not only gives your social media consistency; it gives you a structure and also gives a more professional look for your business.

3 – Give your audience what they want

The next tip for ensuring consistency is by giving your audience what they want. By this I mean, thinking about what your ideal client will be interested in. What do they want to know – about you, what you do, or how you can help them? Pick 3 topics or “content pillars” that you consistently talk about as this will help give structure to what you post. It will help you come up with ideas, but also lets your customer know exactly what your business or your social media accounts are about.

Do you feel you need more help with creating a plan? If so, then think about joining my Mini Marketing Masterclass on Wednesday 7th April and learn all about how to create your own social media strategy.

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