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Hosting Client Events
March 10, 2020

After many years in the marketing world our array of experience in organising and managing events is vast and varied. Regardless of the scale of the event we can ensure everything runs smoothly and generates great interest. Corporate client events are a big part of the business world. They can be huge events such as a product launch or a black-tie fundraiser or they may be smaller in scale, such as a focus group. 

The first step is to meet with our clients to discuss their event needs, pitching various ideas based on their requirements, customer profile and budget. Over the years we have built a wealth of contacts who merge together to create a wonderful occasion. Caterers, florists, photographers – so many professional services weave together to bring the concept of a client event to life.  

Thinking of event suggestions for clients, planning them from beginning to end, executing every detail to make sure the occasion runs smoothly – and also solving any issues that may arise – is a creative process which employs our management skills, which we love.  

Most events will need guests or an audience and so invitations or tickets are required. This involves design work, printing and, when required to make an impact, delivering the invitations in style. Advertising is also on the to-do list and this may be via print media or social media – maybe both. We are experienced in the running order of events from the very first thought to the final report and analysis for the client.  

Social posting during events is standard practise now so that fans and customers can follow the activities as they unfold. Planning a hashtag in order to maximise exposure is key, ties the event together and aids analysis after the occasion.  

Evaluation after the event, delivering feedback to clients, posting on social media – this is all part of the job once the last guests have gone and the venue is cleared up and closed. Generating media coverage about the event and, for fundraising endeavours, announcing the wonderful total of money raised is extremely worthwhile. 

Once the actual event has finished, the work still continues as we pick out the best images taken, write press releases for the media with post-event updates, maintain social media coverage and deliver a post event report to our client. We are proud to say that when we meet clients to go through the event report, a point that is often on the agenda is what we can do to make a bigger and better event next time? The wheels are often constantly in motion, and so starts the planning of the next launch, party, auction, fundraiser… 

We’ll never tire of the excitement that comes with client events – big or small. The same amount of dedication and detail is invested. If you wish to discuss events with us, to find out how Acorn Marketing can help, please get in touch here

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