Month: October 2021

Getting Seen On Social Media Without Paying? 

Getting Social Activity without paying

Here are a few of my Top Tips to get seen…

1 – Right place, right time

First of all, you need to make sure you are speaking to the right people. You need to get in front of the right audience and use the right platform. There is no point spending all your time on Instagram if actually your audience doesn’t really hang out there. Likewise, if you love Twitter, but your target customer doesn’t use it. Time and time again we come back to target customer, and it really is so important. Make sure the messages you are sharing are getting seen by the right people. You are then more likely to be seen by more of your potential customers than hearing crickets.

2 – Clever content

The next point I would make is about creating content that will resonate with your ideal client. You want to be pulling on their heart strings, answering their problems, helping them solve a challenge they are facing. What are those things that are going to get them to stop scrolling and listen to what you have to say. Really think about each post you are writing and ask if it would make you stop, or engage with it. It is so much more effective to craft 4 brilliant posts, than share a post every day for 7 days that won’t grab anyone’s attention.

The other thing to remember is, the more people who see your posts, who like or comment means that it will reach more people. So, those type of posts are so important as they will ‘organically’ get seen by a greater amount of people.

Also, when I talk about being clever think about how you can explicitly invite people to engage with you. Think about asking questions, add a call to action (like leading them to your website or giving a response), run a poll or a survey. Inviting people to engage with you is really powerful and again helps you organically get seen by more people on social media without having to pay for it.

3 – Stand out and be different

Social media is a cacophony of noise with everyone trying to grab your attention, so how then do you get heard in that noise? If you want to get seen above the noise, just be you. People buy people. They feel comfortable with people they like, know and trust and are then more likely to follow you or engage with you. Try and bring your personality to life on social media. That doesn’t mean jump around being silly or dancing, but showing people your face and who you are can work wonders.  Even if you work for a relatively bland business, you can bring it alive in a creative way and show people why you find it exciting or inspiring through your personality. Think about how you could do things a little differently, don’t compare yourself with others – and go for it!  The more of ‘you’ you inject into your social media the more people you will reach and again mitigate the need for expensive advertising.

However, if you are thinking of running any digital advertising, I will be hosting a Mini Marketing Masterclass on the 3rdNovember on how to use Facebook Advertising. If you’re not quite ready for that and want to explore some of the ideas I’ve talked about in this blog, you can download my previous course on how to create content for social media here

How Do I Create An Email Marketing List?

Email marketing

I often talk about email marketing being a great back up, should things go wrong with your social media marketing. On Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – whatever social media you choose – you don’t own your audience. You don’t own their data, so if it all disappeared tomorrow, how would you reach that audience? If you have captured their email address on your email marketing list, you do own that data so if things should go wrong, you can still easily communicate with them.

So, where do you even start in building an email list. It can seem quite a daunting task, but here are a few tips and tricks I’ve found have really worked well in building my email list.

1 – Tell people

The easiest thing you can do to start building your email list is to tell people that you have one. Who is going to know you send emails if you don’t tell them? Add it to your website, your email signature, put it in social media posts, tell your clients or customers. It is the easiest way to start building that list.

Remember that you do actually need to communicate with people, so as you build your list, start thinking about how you are going to use email marketing going forward.

2 – Create a freebie

Another great way to get people to subscribe to your email list is to create a freebie, also known as a lead magnet.

Think about what your audience wants to know from you? What problems do you help them solve?  What are they struggling with or to do? Think about three to five tips that you can give away that will appeal to your audience. They can download your freebie in exchange for their email address.  You know that they are your ideal client as your freebie will directly help them, so then you are getting good quality sign-ups to your email list.

3 – Breadcrumb

Now you are armed with your freebie and you’re telling people you have an email list they can subscribe to, you can do something called ‘breadcrumbing’. This means visiting other groups on Facebook, or maybe even LinkedIn and sharing your freebie with them too. However, you need to remember to add value to the groups you visit. Comment on people’s posts, give advice and tips don’t just drop your freebie link and run. Spend time in groups, make connections and help people – they are more likely to sign up to your mailing list, or download your freebie if they feel they know you.

Let me know if these tips helped you, or if you have any other top tips to share.

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What To Do When Social Media Goes Down

when social media goes down

I’ve spoken many times before about the risk we often run as business owners when using social media. Time and time again I see people putting all their eggs in one basket and using social media as their only source of marketing, and worse…sales!

When social media goes down how does that affect your business? Did you sigh a breath of relief when it came back on, so you could start your marketing and sales again? What would happen if it disappeared completely?

So, what happened and is it likely to happen again?

Santosh Janardhan, Facebook’s VP of infrastructure said,

“Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication. This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt,”

Phew, that’s bit techy, so in a nutshell Facebook’s systems stopped talking to the wider internet and it is always possible that these things could happen again. There is also talk that there are some internal struggles happening at Facebook to do with how they handle hate speech and using the algorithm to promote bullying and reactions of people to negative posts. This is all speculation and Facebook as a leader of social media innovation need to lead by example of how social media changes for the better in the future and who knows when it may disappear again….and for how long?

How can we ensure we have a robust marketing strategy so that if social media goes offline or disappears, we can still run our business? I’m not saying you need to think about which other social media channels you should sign up to and start making content for as the same thing could happen to them all.

What I do want you to think about is what other forms of marketing could support your business, as well as social media? Let’s face it, social media is a wonderful marketing tool, but perhaps it’s time to start thinking about what else we can do.

My top tips on how you can market your business without putting all your eggs into the social media basket are:

1 – Email marketing

I have said this time and time again, that with social media, you do not own your audience. They can unfollow you at any time. Sometimes you may spend years building up a following only to then have your page hacked or blocked and to start again. Or, like we saw this week your chosen social media channel may disappear altogether.

With email marketing, everyone who signs up to your email list are a captive, warm audience. You also own that data, so it’s not going anywhere. If you became unstuck and social media disappeared, then email marketing should be your ‘go-to’ back up plan. You have a captive audience and you can still communicate with them and sell to them. So, maybe it’s time you started thinking about how you can do this.

Check out my recent course on how to use email marketing to get you started.

2 – Website

Quite often people don’t have a website because they have a Facebook page. However, how many times do you search for things on Google? Yes, your Facebook page may show up, but again what if Facebook, or other social media platforms disappeared? Particularly if you have a product-based business, how can you continue to sell your products if you don’t have a platform to do this? You have more control of your own website and how this works and of course – your audience data. It may also be time to think of other platforms you can use such as eBay, Etsy or Amazon (if you don’t want your own website) as ways of ensuring your products continue to be sold.

3 – Traditional Marketing

There is a lot to be said for good old-fashioned marketing as well. There is nothing quite a like a piece of editorial in a paper or a magazine, networking face-to-face and making connections, sales promotions or flyers drops. This can often be seen as harder work, but there are some benefits to still be found in more traditional marketing techniques that shouldn’t be discounted.

Remember word of mouth is always the most powerful marketing tool in your tool box, so get out there and be seen.

Yes, I have a Facebook group, which you can join here and I’m on Instagram, Twitter etc, but if you want to take this opportunity to be part of my email list you can sign up here and remember if you want to know about other forms of marketing visit my courses page here.