Month: June 2021

How To Get Engagement For A Mundane Business

social engagement

Here are a few of my top tips to show you how you can create social engagement that helps you overcome this barrier.

1 – Think about what your ICA wants to know

We all have an ideal customer. The person we want to pick up the phone and make an enquiry or drop us an email to book an appointment. All too often on social media people fall into the trap of just writing sales posts, or posts about things they want to talk about. However, you need to think differently. You need to think about what your ideal customer wants to know about. What is going to interest them and stop them scrolling?

2 – Give value

Leading on from this, you need to think about giving your followers value. What do I mean by this? Again, give them information about what they may want to know. Could you give them tips, information, or a freebie? What is going to resonate with them and make them go “Oh yeah”. Think about adding value to their lives and helping them.

3 – Show you’re an expert

You want to position yourself as the “go-to” expert in your industry and area. Show your followers that you know your stuff. You don’t need to baffle them and tell them loads of jargon, but break things down, make it easy for them to understand and digest. Show them why you are the authority in your area.

4 – Share your personality

You also want your followers to know, like and trust you and you can do this by showing your personality. Show them you’re the expert, give them value, tell them want they want to know and inject a bit of personality. Yes, it’s great to working weddings etc, but you have to be really innovative to stand out from the crowd and be heard above all the noise. See your “boring” business as a chance to stand out and shine. Be different, be quirky and do something different to everyone else to generate social engagement. That is what will really get you seen!

For more tips, join me in my Facebook group Marketing Made Easy with Lisa.

How to use Instagram Reels

how to use Instagram reels

Now whether those people have turned into good quality followers, is up for debate, but Instagram Reels are a fun new way of engaging with your audience and showing off your personality!

For those of you who don’t know what a reel is, let me explain. It is a video clip, up to 30 seconds in length – a bit like TikTok. You can lip sync, dance speak, give tips, tutorials – the list is endless. You don’t need to be silly to make them work.

Now, I just want to add that if the thought of doing a reel frightens the hell out of you, you don’t need to do them. Getting your content on your social media right first is what you need to concentrate on. However, if you’re ready to explore and use this new feature then, here are my top tips on how to make the most of them.

1 – Hook people in the first 3 seconds

Social media is fast paced, and with all content you want to grab people’s attention whilst they’re scrolling. With reels you want to grab people’s attention in the first 3 seconds to get them to continue watching. Once someone has watched your reel once it counts as one view, so the shorter and snappier your video the more chance it has of being seen.

2 – Use content that is going to resonate with your ideal customer

Again, like with general content, think about what your customer wants to know about you. Do they want to be entertained or do they want tips and tutorials? I started doing reels when they first came out and I’ve had to experiment to see what works. I was doing funny ones at first, but then when I started posting my top tips as reels they went crazy! So, play around with a few things and see what gets the best reaction. This will give you an indication of what your audience likes.

3 – Use trending music/sounds

If you want to grow your reach with reels, using music that is trending (i.e. popular in other reels) is a good idea. Instagram will see that the piece of music you are using is popular, so will therefore show it to more people.

Now, how do you find trending music I hear you ask? There are a few ways. First way is to open up the music tab when you are in a reel and see what comes at the top of the list as most popular.

Second, you will get a feel for this just by watching Instagram reels and seeing what other people are using.

Or you could follow TikTok trends and bring them over to Instagram. If you have a business account like me, this can be harder, so you may want to consider switching over to a creator account. Only do this if you are not planning any promotions or paid advertising in the future.

4 – Use hashtags and share away!!

Hashtags also work in reels too, so if you are using them on your posts start thinking about using them on reels too. Make sure you use all 30 and create a caption to your reel that people are going to read and be interested in. Hashtags are a great way of helping your reels be found by your ideal client, so use them wisely.

The best way to start is by just watching what other people do and get a feel for them, see what you like and you’d feel comfortable doing. Start by doing an easy one. Once you’ve built up your confidence there’ll be no stopping you. Also, when you’ve done a few you can see which got the most reach, likes, and comments and you know to do more of that kind in the future.

If you want to have a laugh, then go and follow my account and watch my reels!

How do you get more engagement?

Get more social engagement

Here are my top tips to get more engagement:

1 – Post content that will resonate with your ideal client.

It is all very well and good doing lots of work writing content for your social media platforms, but engagement isn’t going to necessarily increase just with doing that alone. One of the most important things you can do is post content that will resonate with your ideal client. Stop thinking about what you want to tell people and start thinking about what people want to know. What are the posts that are going to get people going “Oh yeah, I know how that feels”, “Oh, I didn’t know that” or “I love that idea”? Build this kind of engagement into your social plans.

2 – Create a discussion and ask questions. 

Another excellent way to get engagement on posts is to create a discussion and ask questions. Questions are fantastic as you are inviting people to have a conversation with you. You’re not just making a statement and saying this is how it is, you are actually asking them to engage with you, so it’s a sure fire way to instigate dialogue and increase engagement.

3 – Be Social.

One of the most important things you can do on social media to get more engagement is to be social. There is no point spending time creating posts, and then forgetting about things. You need to reply to comments, you need to have conversations, you need to comment on other people’s posts and share what they’re doing too. You need to be SOCIAL!

If you implement just these 3 things you will certainly see a difference in your engagement. For more top tips join my Facebook group Marketing Made Easy With Lisa.

What’s the best way to audit your marketing? 

Top Tip analytics

1 – Insights

When it comes to social media one of the best places to look to see if your efforts are working is via the Insights in the social media platform you are using. Start keeping a record of the number of followers, how many people your account has reached, how many content interactions you have (i.e. likes, comments, shares, saves). You can even break it down post by post, if you want to go into more detail. By keeping a record of your statistics it’ll give you a really good indication of how things are improving or perhaps getting worse.

2 – Analytics

Monitoring your website analytics is also a good way of auditing your marketing. Your web stats will show you how much traffic your social media drives to your website. It is also good to see if any offline activity, such as sending out a press release, or running events has had an impact of numbers to your website. Your website is a fantastic marketing tool and should be updated and used to show people who you are and what your business is all about, generate enquiries and sales, so you will be able to see with increased marketing activity your web stats improve too. This is a good indication that your marketing is performing.

3 – Leads

Sometimes one of the best ways to know if your marketing is working is because there is an increase in sales, or enquiries. All the time you spend raising brand awareness, sending out news stories, updating social media, writing emails, creating sales funnels, starts to pay off because you can see the difference in the number of enquiries you are getting or direct sales you are making through your website. These are all a good indication that your marketing is working.

Ultimately keeping a monthly or weekly record of your data – i.e. social media stats, website analytics, enquiries, leads, sales etc – can show you over time if the marketing you are doing and the effort you are putting in is paying off.

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