Month: March 2021

How To Do Social Media Quickly

Quick social media tips

There are, however, some tried and tested tricks to help you along the way, make it more efficient and make things a bit quicker, whilst being effective too. Here are my time saving top tips…

 1 – Strategy

One of the top things I would recommend you do is to have a strategy or a plan of action. There is no point in just sitting trying to decide what to write day in and day out. This approach will be so time consuming, you will get stuck for ideas, not really have a focus to your social media and it won’t work.

If you take a step back, think about what you are trying to achieve with your social media and how you’re going to do it, this will ultimately save you time in the long run. It’ll give you clear ideas about what your social media account is about, who you want to target and the ways in which you’re going to do it.

2 – Save ideas

We are all guilty of scrolling through social media, seeing things we like, or think would be interesting for our social media pages and then forget about it or do nothing with it. Keeping a record of these types of things are great to refer back to, especially if you get stuck for ideas.

Has you heard of a “content bucket”? A content bucket is a place where you save information, images, quotes etc, that you can refer to later. You could save them in your bookmarks on your computer, in the notes on your phone, maybe direct into Instagram or Facebook. Start filling your buckets with loads of inspiration and ideas that you see that could work for your business. Then at the times when you’re planning, or are stuck for a post, you can delve into your content bucket and a find a gem of inspiration.

3 – Schedule

My third tip is planning and scheduling. A must-do for time saving with social media activity. It is far more effective to block out some time to plan your social media, than trying to do it as and when. Pencil some time in your diary to write a plan – ideally you want to think about creating content for a month in advance and then schedule as you go. Doing this will free up your general day-to-day time to concentrate on running your business.

You can’t just do your social media in half an hour and be done. It takes planning and time but this time is a big commitment to your marketing and to developing your business, so it should be a priority.

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Where Do I Start With Marketing?

Where do I start

Here are my top tips on where you need to start with your marketing.

1 – Define Your Target Customer

Let’s go right back to basics. Before you start your marketing, or even your business in fact, you need to have a really clear understanding of your target consumer.

Are they male or female, how old are they, where do they live? These are some of the key things that can really help you narrow down who you need to “talk” to with your marketing.

Identifying the needs, expectations and problems of your target audience not only helps you to understand them better, but it also ensures that you’re creating a product or service that’s going to have a real impact and that your marketing is going to be more effective as you are ‘selling’ to the right people.

2 – Key Messages

Next you need to identify your key messages. What are the most important things about your business that you need your potential customer to know? What makes your service or product different to everyone else, what makes it stand out, what are the Unique Selling Points (USP)?

Think about your customers pain points, or problems. These are the things that are going to resonate with them. Make a list of those too, then in all your marketing these are the things you want to be shouting about all the time.

3 – Look at Competitors

Looking at your competitors is always a good way to find out what other people in your industry are doing. Do they have a website, what social media channels are they on, do they appear in the newspaper, do they produce flyers, how do they sell themselves? If they are a busy thriving business, this gives you an indication that what they are doing works, so lead by example. Don’t copy…do it even better.

4 – Establish A Social Media Presence

If you have no budget, no following, no email list or background then social media is a great place to get known. Share posts that resonate with your ideal client, posts that get attention, shout about your key messages and grow your marketing organically that way.

5 – Get Networking 

One of my favourite, but often forgotten about forms of marketing is networking. It’s a little different and difficult right now but have a look online to see what online networking events there are and if your ideal client would join these events. If the answer is yes, then get networking (and even better face-to-face when we can).

Another sneaky tip I’m going to add in here is PR. Public Relations is a great way to get some free press coverage for your business. It is often really simple to get a news story in your local paper about your flourishing new business, but the key to this is thinking about what the news story is. It’s not just that you opened a business, but the reasons why you started a business, your background, your story. Sell your story to the newspaper so they want to write about you.

So, if you have zero budget and want to know where to start in marketing your business, these are some sure-fire ways to get noticed and to get marketing successfully without being overwhelmed.

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How to be Consistent on Social Media

Consistent Social Media Tips

If this is you, then follow my top tips here to achieve consistency in your social media marketing…

1 – Show up

The most consistent thing you can do when it comes to your social media marketing is to show up. This doesn’t automatically mean showing up every day but engaging consistently when your audience knows you’re online. If you post a ‘live’ video every week, do it at the same time. If you share a blog or an email, again do it at the same time for consistency.

If you can show up every day, fantastic – you will really notice a difference in the performance of your social media. If you’re flying, post 3-4 times a day, but if that scares the living daylights out of you, then a few regular times each week will help ensure you stay consistent. A great social media strategy and plan will help with this (check out my course here to help you).

2 – Use your branding

Another great tip to ensure that your social media and marketing is consistent is to use your branding. There is nothing worse than seeing someone’s marketing materials or social posts and they have different fonts and colours. Quite frankly it looks a bit of a mess. Ensure brand consistency by sticking to one or two fonts that you use. Pick the colour palette of your business branding that you use consistently throughout your marketing. This not only gives your social media consistency; it gives you a structure and also gives a more professional look for your business.

3 – Give your audience what they want

The next tip for ensuring consistency is by giving your audience what they want. By this I mean, thinking about what your ideal client will be interested in. What do they want to know – about you, what you do, or how you can help them? Pick 3 topics or “content pillars” that you consistently talk about as this will help give structure to what you post. It will help you come up with ideas, but also lets your customer know exactly what your business or your social media accounts are about.

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How to Increase Social Media Reach

Social Media Reach

1 – Create engaging content

The key to getting more engagement on your social media posts is to create good content. If you hear crickets, or tumbleweed when you post something, then there is something wrong! Take a look at the types of things you are posting about. Are they all salesy? If so, then you need to stop and re-think.  Think about what your followers would be interested in, give them value, give tips, ask questions, share something about you. Be human. People will just scroll past overly salesy posts, so stop doing it.

2 – Tag people

Another great way to increase reach on social media posts is to tag other businesses in your posts.  Now, I don’t mean this in an annoying way where you randomly tag loads of businesses in your post, but if you mention another business, or give a shout out to someone, collaborate with another business or recommend them, then tag away. Generally, they will share the post and so it will be seen by their followers too – and therefore increase the reach.

3 – Share posts

Sharing posts is another sure-fire way to increase reach. However, I don’t mean sharing other people’s posts. I mean sharing your own. On Facebook you would do this by sharing a posts that are performing well into groups where your ideal client hangs out. This is an excellent way to get your posts seen by more people. Just a word of warning though, check the group rules and don’t be spammy – don’t do it more than once or twice a week. On Instagram you can share your grid posts to your story. Stories perform really well, so if you share a new post to your story it’ll be seen by more people.

4 – Use photos and video

There is no doubt that the posts that perform best are photos and videos. Gone are the days when you can just share a post that is just text. OK, so they may work depending on the platform (Twitter and Linkedin), but for B2B clients using Facebook and Instagram, you really need to be using photos and video. With Instagram you won’t be able to post without a photo or video, but think about how you could use photos and videos. You can get really creative with them now – such as using stories, reels, IGTV, YouTube etc. Video really is a powerful tool for increasing reach and the social media algorithms will favour photos and videos, so the more of those you post, the more people will see them and then your posts will get more reach.

5 – Be social

The ultimate way to get more reach on your social media posts is to be social. Comment, like and share on other people’s posts. Create relationships, make friends online, create a community or tribe, support people and give value. By doing this interaction, they will do the same with you – more people will see your posts and you’ll get a greater reach.

So, there you have a few sure-fire ways to get more reach on your social media posts. All of the tips I share here are activities that I manage for my clients and my business on a daily basis as a marketing consultant.

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