Month: September 2020

How to Create Engagement

how to create engagement

The more engagement you can create on social media, the better, because it looks like you are really active on social media, whichever social media channel it is. This can apply to LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, all of them.

Engagement is key; it’s really important.

Last week in my tip I talked about creating a community and a tribe, those people that follow you and love what you do.  We really want these followers to comment on our posts, share the posts and to tag other people in them as well.

Why is important to create engagement?

When people comment on your posts, more people see it. Facebook and all the other social media channels have an algorithm that looks at how you’re communicating with people, how you’re interacting, and the more that people like and share your posts, the more people will see them. That means it boosts your brand awareness.

One of the most important things I do as a marketing consultant is raising brand awareness, shouting about your business, telling people what you do. So, it’s really important for boosting your brand awareness.

It’s important because it helps you reach more people. If you just post and nobody comments, then fewer people are going to see it. If more people are commenting then it’s going to show up in other people’s feeds, it’s going to show up in other businesses feeds, it’s going to show up in their friends feeds, and more and more people will see it, and then more people will hopefully engage with it as well.

It also makes it easier to attract new customers as well. If people are looking on your page and there’s loads of engagement, there are loads of comments, there’s loads of interaction, people are more likely to look at you and think “Ah right, this is a really active page, it’s really interesting, it’s really informative, loads of people are commenting.” That is why engagement is really important.

Here are my top tips on how to create engagement…

When you are thinking about planning your content or if you’re just spontaneously putting posts out there, these three things are going to help you think about how you can get more engagement.

Ask A Question

By asking a question, you’re creating a discussion. I might ask a question about something specific in marketing, like if other marketing people have used a social media platform or if people can give me any advice on something or use a current discussion topic, like at the moment it is Coronavirus and how it’s affecting business, people and life in general. I found particularly that posing questions and creating the discussion topic has really improved my social media over the last six months or so.

So, try that. Think about every now and then asking some discussion questions.


Top tip two is to educate.

Whatever you do, whatever your business is, whatever your specialism is, you are an expert in that field. People that follow you want to know about what you know so, educate people.

This can be anything. If you are an accountant, you can educate people about their taxes.  Marketing, well I’m educating you now about marketing tips that might help you in your business. If you are a butcher, you might educate people about how to sharpen their knives or make some recipes or prepare a cut of meat.

If you own a shop, you might be telling people about new products that have come in and why they’re special or what’s unique about them.

Put yourself at the forefront and show them that you’re an expert and that you can educate them in your specialism and your field.


My third tip is to inspire.

We know about inspirational quotes used in business. If you can find some quotes, or even make your own up, that play on people’s emotions and resonate with people, that’s a great way of creating engagement. Some of my most popular posts are inspirational quotes, but I don’t just put general wishy-washy things. I never just put a quote, I always put a quote, and then some of my feedback or what I think about that quote or why it resonates with me. Then I ask a question and get people talking about it.

Quotes can be really powerful things.

Sharing testimonials is also inspiring to potential new clients and customers. Tell people about what your clients or your customers have said about you.

Story telling is also inspiring. I was made redundant, so that’s quite a poignant thing to tell people or talking about sharing a story, inspiring people about where you’ve got in business.

So, asking a question, educating people and inspiring people are three really good ways to create engagement. Get people talking on your social media profiles and to interact with you.

The more comments, the more likes, the more shares, the better.

Another little tip here for you, and I’ve actually just learnt it this week. There has been some research done and actually sharing a post or saving a post is what you want people to do because they are two of the things that Facebook looks at.

So, it’s brilliant to get comments and likes, get people to tag posts, share posts and save posts as well.

To recap, ask a question, educate people and inspire people. These are my three top tips on how to create engagement. If you have a little look at any of my social media profiles, you can probably tell which of my posts fall into those categories, and it’s a really good structure of how to write your social media content as well.

If you have any questions about marketing, strategy, social media and your business, please get in contact and we can discuss how I can help you.

Creating Your Online Community or Tribe

Creating your online community

One of the best things that you can do is create an online community or your online tribe. Basically people that love you, people that have got a shared interest and a passion about what you do and what you talk about. People that are going to be your advocates as well.

You’ve got to shout about yourself, and you’ve got to be your biggest advocate. Nobody else is going to do that. However, if you form a really good community, a good tribe online, these people can be your advocates too.

A lot of people are very much concerned about the number of likes that they have on their social media pages. You can have hundreds of thousands of likes, but if those people aren’t going to be your advocates, aren’t going to share what you do and love what you do, then they are not really part of your tribe or community. It really is quality over quantity.

There will be social media accounts who have high numbers of followers but do all of the followers  buy the products? Do they engage with the brand? Are they part of the community? Possibly not.

The thing about creating your online community, it’s about forming relationships and a connection with people. I feel happy to say that I personally know a lot of my followers, we communicate and we engage with each other. They send me messages, they write comments and I respond. Creating your community is about doing that; forming relationships with people.

Think about those people who have got your back, whether that is locally near where you live, people in the industry, people that you can rely on as well. Follow them, engage with them. It’s all about being social and continuing to build your online community.

There’s a lovely lady that works in Manchester that does social media, and we talk to each other all the time online. I have never met her, but I just really like what she does, and I feel like I’m part of her tribe and her community.

Here are three of my Top Tips in Creating Your Tribe.

Be Authentic

One of the best things that you can do is to open up to people, be honest and genuine. There are so many brands and people on social media now that are a bit false, a bit airbrushed, so you can’t always believe what you read or the images that you see.

Something that is becoming more important on social media now is about being genuine. For example, last week I came on Facebook and did one of these Top Tip sessions and I’d been for a walk, was a bit sweaty and dishevelled. Today I’ve had my hair done, and I look a bit nicer, but that was the real me. My priority was to get online for my online audience and do my Top Tip. People relate to that; people see that you are real and you are genuine. It makes you stand out amongst the… let’s called them the ‘airbrushed community’. People actually see you and engage with you, rather than this plastic façade.

Creating Value

The second tip is about creating value and being generous with people.

I’m a marketing consultant, and in all the twenty years of experience I’ve got, people can come to me, work with me, and I’ll do projects and activities for them and help them out, but there are other people that can’t always afford that, and genuinely do need help. However, they couldn’t afford to pay me monthly to do projects for them. So, I decided to help my online community.

On my website I’ve got a downloadable Top Ten Tips. I presented various Facebook Lives during lockdown, and now I’m doing short snippet videos as well. By giving value to my followers, I’ve organically grown the community over the last few months and I have learnt that people are genuinely interested in what I’m saying and appreciate some free marketing assistance as well. I am trying to give something back to my community.

Think about the business that you run. Is there something that you can give back? On top of your standard social media posts that you are posting every day. Could you do some Facebook Lives?  Could you do some little workshops that don’t cost loads of money? Could you add some downloadables on your website? Host a competition? Think about how you can give value to your community and your tribe?

You can always create a separate group for those people, so they feel special. I hope that the people who get my Top Tips and are part of my community feel they get practical benefits out of following me.

Valuing your Audience

The third point is about valuing your audience.

I love my online audience. I love all you guys watching me when I do Facebook Lives, which is brilliant. I also know that if you’re not watching it live, you watch it later on because you value what I do. So, therefore I value you as well.

If people engage with me, I always reply to their messages. If people comment on my social media channels, I genuinely always try and reply to those comments as well. Within the online communities that you’re part of, be sure to engage – ask and answer questions, share knowledge and build contacts.

So, they are my top three tips on creating an online community.

We know why it’s important to build our online community, and it’s about quality rather than quantity. Those people that you know, like and trust, who will share your work and be your advocate. Those people have got your back, they like what you do and have got a shared interest and passion.

Remember… #1 – Be open and genuine, just be yourself. #2 – Create value and be generous with the information that you give. #3 Value your community and tribe in return.

If you have a question about a marketing topic that we could do these Top Tips on, please let me know. I have got ideas all the way through to December, but if there is a key topic for you, then I’m quite happy to slot it in as well.

You can sign up for any of my courses or access past sessions via this link. I enjoy sharing my knowledge as a Marketing Consultant to help other business owners – however big or small – understand the importance of marketing.

How to find clarity in your marketing

Find clarity in your marketing

Do you want to find clarity in your marketing?  Many people find marketing a challenge and confusing and like its some kind of magic dark art. I’ve had loads of people say that to me in the past, but sometimes you just need to see the wood for the trees and get a bit of clarity with what you are doing.  So, I’m going to give a few little tips today that might help you get some clarity and some pointers of what you can do in your marketing going forward.

Tip 1:  What do you actually do?

The first thing you need to think about is what do you actually do?  What is the business or service that you provide?

I’m a Marketing Consultant, so I wouldn’t just say “I’m a Marketing Consultant.” I’m an outsourced marketing manager where I can effectively manage a client’s marketing while they can concentrate on running their business.  They can forget about their marketing and do what they do best, while I look after their marketing.

So, you need to think about what is it that you actually do for people and how do you solve their problems?

Tip 2: Who is your ideal customer?

Next, you need to think about the target customer.  This is so important because you could do so much marketing, but if you’re not targeting the right people, then you’re marketing is not going to work.

So, really think about who is your target market?  What type of people are they?  What kind of age range do they fit into?  What do they do for a job?  What are their hobbies?  What are their interests?

And one of the most important things to think about, as well, is if you were your target customer, where do they receive marketing?  So, what social media channels are they on?  What newspapers do they read?  What books do they read?  What magazines do they read?  What TV programmes do they watch?  Where do they hang out?  Where do they socialise?  How can you get in front of those people as well?

So, you really need to think about your target customer and target audience.

Tip3: What is your marketing message?

The next thing that you need to think about is your message.  What do you want to tell those people?

I could easily say “I do marketing, I help people with social media, I help with marketing strategies and writing content and creating websites and things.”  But what I actually do for people is give them the peace of mind to know that their marketing is in safe hands to know that they don’t have to worry about their marketing anymore and that things are going to get done.  When they want it to be done that somebody is just ‘on it’.  So, that’s the message that I try and give out to people.

So, think about what you do and how you help people.  What are those key things that you really want to shout about in your business that can help people?

Focusing your message

We all get overwhelmed with all these different things you can do with marketing, but where do you even start to help you find clarity in your marketing messages?

I want you to pick three things that you are going to focus on.  Write down what you do, who your target customer is, what are your key messages, and think about three things that you are specifically going to do to target that customer.

There’s so much you could do.  PR, social media, events, networking, partnerships, sponsorship, awards; there’s just so much stuff you can do in marketing, which is why people get so overwhelmed.

Pick three things that you can focus on in the next six months to a year or whatever and really focus on those things.  Think about those things in terms of will my target customer see them?  Am I telling them what I actually do?  Am I telling them what service I provide and how it’s going to answer their problems or benefit them?  Am I telling them this kind of stuff?  And am I doing it in the right way?  And will they see it?  Will my target market actually see this piece of work that I’m doing?

Your three aims could be reaching out to new customers; it could be doing more on social media or even learning the basics of social media.  It could be increasing your audience, or it could be “I’m going to focus on Facebook adverts.”  “I’m going to look at trying to get more stories in the paper.”  “I’m going to maybe develop some video content or free content for my clients and customers or potential customers.”

But don’t feel bogged down and overwhelmed by all the different marketing tasks you can do.  If you pick three things and do them to the best of your ability, and do them really, really well; that is going to pay dividends, and that is going to make a difference to your marketing.

So, my biggest point here is, please don’t overwhelm yourself with marketing.  Think a bit more strategically to find the clarity in your marketing.  Write down what you do, who your target customer is and what you want to tell them, and then how you are going to do it.  Just pick three things that you feel comfortable with that you want to develop.  And honestly, you will see better results from focusing on a couple of things than trying to spread yourself too thin.

Hopefully you’ll now feel like you have a bit more clarity in your marketing.