Month: December 2019

What’s New in Marketing?

Marketing is a world in which you just can’t stand still, everything is fast-paced, and updates, improvements and launches are happening every day. Trying to keep up with the latest news from all social channels and apps can be daunting when running a business. That’s where your marketing consultant can take away the stress and manage things for you. Let us update you on the latest.


We have had a new Google update, which has the friendly name of BERT, which should help SEO in a more fluent fashion. BERT stands for ‘Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers’ – we’ll stick to BERT here. To be succinct, the improvement is in order to interpret search queries better and to deliver results which are more suited to the whole phrase. Rather than using each search word individually, BERT can now search based on the intent of the phrase, which should return more accurate and helpful results for users.

How does this impact my business and what do I need to do? I hear you ask. There is no action required, although it is advisable to keep up to date with SEO. Also, ensure your keywords are performing as best they can. This update from Google should deliver your company in relevant searches. So, your Google Advertising spend could prove more targeted and beneficial to your business. Do ensure that your website has good content which answers the frequent questions of your target audience, then BERT can deliver your information to the user.


You can now make Pinterest work harder for your business. The go-to visually inspirational site is where people visit to browse, shop and discover new brands and ideas. Improvements have made Pinterest more easily shoppable. Visitors want to see something they like and know that with a click or two, they can be purchasing that item. Therefore, making the process easier for businesses to generate sales.

‘Shop the Look’ on Pinterest is ideal as companies can advertise up to 25 items in an image, simply by tagging them. Clicking through will take customers to the company website to check out. Very efficient. This is a great way to encourage interaction with brands and their products.

Your Pinterest profile page can be customised and allows customers to purchase directly from it. Improvements to the navigation within Pinterest also means the updated messaging ability improves customer service. It also speeds up feedback to consumers on their queries. Using Pinterest Catalogues, a business can upload their full catalogue and turn each product into a shoppable product pin.


The Facebook Messenger app is also getting an update, becoming faster and giving businesses more opportunities to connect with their consumers. Businesses will be able to create adverts to redirect their consumers from their Facebook feed to a Messenger chat.

If you and your business would like marketing advice or assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

As this year draws to a close, we reflect on our successes, learn from any errors and embrace the challenge ahead that is 2020. I’d like to wish everyone reading this a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at Acorn Marketing (Cumbria) Ltd.

How to reach millennials

They have grown up with internet from a young age (or since birth!) and so are knowledgeable of technology and the world of social media. Normality for them is having access to mobile technology and information at their fingertips quickly. They like the convenience and will opt for products that fit their lifestyles rather than being loyal to brands. 

Millennials like to live a lifestyle with quick accessibility to information and services. They adopt new technologies swiftly – be that via devices, apps and programs. 

Often described, in a cliched fashion, as narcissistic and self-centred individuals who are lacking motivation, they have had more challenges than previous generations. They are confident and well informed due to the immense wealth of data available in their hand-held devices. Millennials are notably socially responsible with a global awareness and drive to improve the environment in which we all live and in order to leave a better planet for generations to come. 

These individuals value word-of-mouth more highly than the usual channels of marketing and branding. Companies who have embraced an understanding of social media channels and designed their strategy to attract and interact with these 20-40-year-olds will benefit and succeed in engaging this generation. Millennials are happier to give recommendations to friends and family for brands they align with, who are conscious of environmental impacts and are future focused.  

Companies who can utilise user generated content (UGC) in their social activities will engage more with their followers, fans and customers – and in turn be seen on their feeds by their hundreds or thousands of friends. Being able to react quickly to communications from the public, be it a comment or a simple ‘like’ will drive interaction.  

Enabling customers to be able to swipe up whilst on Instagram to access their shop is a key driver for sales in this digital age. With a brief thumb movement, millennial customers are familiar with browsing and purchasing whilst on the go via their mobile devices.  

Millennials are found across all social media platforms, so companies should ensure their messages are shared over their chosen, relevant apps. In order to engage this generation, make your business content relevant, friendly and appealing – shareable. 

As we know, mobile activity is the norm nowadays so do be certain that all aspects of your business work clearly and visibly on mobile first and desktop second. Millennials are multi-taskers and can order clothes whilst in the queue at the coffee shop or buy an item just seen on an Instagram post whilst on the train journey home. Make sure you are visible to this influential generation, on their preferred channels and once they engage, they will be loyal and responsive customers.  

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