Month: September 2018

Every day is a school day

When I was in paid employment, I often attended training courses to broaden my skills, whether that was health and safety or leadership management.? However, since being self-employed this has changed slightly.

A few years ago, I decided to become a member of the?Chartered Institute of Marketing?(CIM).? I wanted an accreditation that proved that I was a legitimate marketer.? There are so many cowboys in the industry and I wanted people to know I was genuine and I actually know what I?m talking about.? At that point, I had about 15 years of experience in marketing, which was enough to prove to the CIM that I was fit for the title.

Ever since I have undertaken a path of Continued Professional Development (CPD) whereby I attend training courses, read books, watch webinars, mentor people ? generally try to keep on top of my game.? I record the work I do and undertake reflective statements on what I?ve learnt and how I will implement this in my own work.

By doing this it has ensured that I am continuously learning and developing, being the best marketer I can be.? So, for me, every day is like a school day as I learn new things about myself and my business and continue my education and gain more experience in the wonderful world of marketing.