Month: June 2017

Can you teach an old dog new tricks in Marketing?

Part of being a Chartered Marketer means I need to continually learn and develop my knowledge, so thine marketing I do for clients is always up-to-date and I?m giving the best advice I can! Recently I?ve been learning a lot about digital marketing and it is a minefield! No wonder people don?t know where to start! I?d say if you want to learn the basics of how to use social media, websites or Google, for example, these can be mastered easily, but once you start digging around to try and do more advanced things it opens up a whole can of worms.

I?d say today I?ve spent 2 or 3 hours going backwards and forwards trying to learn new things and not getting very far. Its things I want to learn that sound relatively easy, but trying to master them is another story. I thought the idea of all this digital media/marketing was meant to make our lives easier, but I often seem to find stumbling blocks along the way!

As part of my job, I have the time now and then to try and figure these things out and often find a little gem of information that revolutionises the way I work. Today is not one of those days! I just feel so frustrated?and I?d say I?m an active user, experienced and well versed in using all these platforms for doing marketing campaigns! God help anyone who is starting out?no wonder I get so many calls from people needing help.

Anyway, I am all for embracing new technology to develop marketing campaigns for clients ? I just wish it wasn?t all so technical sometimes!? If you need any help with your digital marketing let me know!