Hi, Im Lisa

If you’re looking for someone to help with your Marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you a business owner?

Are you weighed down with all the work you have to do?  The list of jobs just seems to get longer, time runs away with you and so any marketing tasks just go to the bottom of the pile? Do you dabble with marketing and try your best, but are not getting results and feel frustrated as you know there is so much more you can do?


Would you like someone to take that weight off your shoulders? Someone who has over twenty years’ experience of working in the marketing industry, who can manage everything more effectively for you?

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Who's that girl?

I am an award winning Marketing Consultant and have spent over twenty years learning best practice in marketing and how to run a business well.

I am relatively young (cough cough) but with a vast array of experience of traditional and modern marketing, in many industries.

I do what I do because I love my job. I love working for myself and getting a buzz out of doing a good job for my clients across the UK. For me, it is about treating people how I would want to be treated in business, forming relationships and doing a cracking job! 

Growing Instructions

1. Plant the seeds of creativity

All marketing has to start with an idea, but sometimes clients have so many ideas they don’t know how to execute them and sometimes just don’t even know where to start.  I help clients see the wood for the trees; come up with creative solutions to help them make their marketing ideas a reality.

2. Add the essential elements for growth

Once I have established what a client needs, I work with them to make sure all the marketing foundations are in place.  This may include strategies and plans; branding, websites, social media, PR or advertising…all the elements that can really boost a company’s marketing.  

3. Nurture with care

I then make sure all these elements are being looked after and tended too (yes a bit like a garden), that deadlines are met, new opportunities are spotted and taken and everything within the marketing plan flows and works. 

4. Watch your businesses grow

Once we have all these elements in place and they are all working well, businesses can then really see a difference in their marketing.  Whether that is being more proactive, sharing new content on social media or increase in sales. 

...Kind Words...

“Acorn Marketing Cumbria provides all our Marketing and PR material as well as assisting with our Digital Marketing and Social Media requirements. The service, expertise and quality of work is always of a high standard. We benefit from the very professional, yet friendly, working relationship…We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to any company seeking a fresh and proactive approach. Thanks again Lisa!”

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